GEW cuts UV system related press downtime

October 2006. GEW has announced the development of a new UV lamp head cassette design that provides significant productivity increases while significantly cutting press downtime and electrical consumption costs.

The XC, “extreme cure” UV cassette is designed with a fully focussed dichroic coated aluminium reflector with integrated clamshell shutters. The design ensures a broad UV output spectrum across both the UV and IR (infrared) range, which maximises curing power. The electrically actuated shutters automatically protect the substrate when stopping the press. The XC Cassette is currently available for GEW’s existing range of VCP, eCP and NUVAplus models and the recently launched, e-system Mini.

The XC-Cassette is ideally suited for curing thick film coatings such as silk screen, cationic inks and opaque coatings where ultimate curing is required plus providing higher productivity for typical printing demands. The higher heat output enables faster curing for high-speed processes.

Key benefits include single quick-release latch mechanism (no tools required), plug-in electrical connections to assist cassette removal for lamp head maintenance and the ability to interchange the XC-Cassette with alternatively configured UV cassettes to meet challenging applications. The UV cassette can be easily changed with an IR cassette when needed and facilitates UV lamp exchange when required or changing to a differently doped lamp depending on ink or coating chemistry. UV curing system related press down-time is virtually eliminated.

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