GEW launches air-cooled LED lamp at Labelexpo India

UV specialist GEW launched at Labelexpo India its LA1 air-cooled LED-UV system, which was installed on a Multitec flexo press. The LA-1 is built under GEW’s arcLED program, meaning converters can quickly change between arc and LED-UV lamps in the same print station. GEW’s Rhino power supply automatically detects the swapped unit and switches between AC and DC power sources.

‘The LEDs in the air-cooled LA-1 are exactly the same as our LW-1 water-cooled LED lamps,’ says Marcus Greenbrook, international sales manager at GEW. ‘The difference is that the air-cooled unit has fewer connections so is much faster and easier to change. This means converters can invest in an arcLED Rhino system and then move from arc to LED when they are ready.’

Greenbrook said typical applications for LED-UV would include opaque white and lamination.

The new LA-1 unit was installed at the show on the first unit of a Multitec Ecoflex VSI Servo (S2) press. Commented Amit Ahuja, Multitec managing director, ‘using LED-UV inks and the GEW arcLED LA-1 on the first print station, the lay down of the opaque white is much more even, with no pin-holing.’ Flint LED-UV inks are being used.

Converters thinking of making the move to the LA-1 will need to have an air-conditioned plant with clean circulating air.

Marcus Greenbrook said this has been a good show for GEW, which has its lamps running on a number of press including Omet, Focus, Multi Tech and Lombardi.

As well as working with press manufacturer OEMs like Multitec in the Indian market, GEW has a healthy business in retrofitting to older flexo presses.

‘Energy costs are going up in India, and upgrading to an E2C from our older transformer-based systems can save converters 35 percent in energy costs. The Rhino power supply is easier to maintain as well, and it’s much easier for operators to change lamps.’