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GEW has the solution at ICE Europe 2022

GEW will be exhibiting its full range of UV curing systems for the coating and converting industries, at this year’s ICE Europe 2022 show in Munich. Find us in Hall A5, at Stand 1710.

GEW will be exhibiting its full range of UV curing systems for the coating and converting industries, at this year’s ICE Europe 2022 show in Munich. This will include conventional mercury arc UV lamps, LED, hybrid UV systems, inert-gas UV curing and GEW’s multi-point UV monitor. The company will also highlight its specialist UV curing solutions.


As a specialist in UV curing technology, GEW is a leading player in the design and manufacture of UV systems for web coating lines up to 2.50m wide. A range of UV curing equipment is available to cater for all processes, including highly effective short-wave mercury arc lamps for hotmelt adhesives and long-wave UV LEDs for specialist coatings and laminating.


ICE Europe presents an ideal opportunity for GEW to update the industry on its full range. UV LED curing is becoming more commonplace and taking on a greater role for many converters, particularly as LED inks and coatings are now more widely available and cost-effective than ever before.

UV LED at ICE Europe 2022

LED products use tens or even hundreds of UV LEDs built onto highly specialised circuit boards, to create individual LED modules. Multiple modules are mounted together to create a light array which can be varied in length. GEW offers LED arrays in widths from 15cm to 250cm, and multiple arrays can be used for greater width requirements. GEW also offers a variety of product form factors, power levels and wavelength ranges to satisfy many different application requirements. GEW’s latest LED innovation, LeoLED, has had a significant impact on the market since its launch in 2019. In LeoLED, the technology has been redesigned and refined for simplicity and offers excellent value, while at the same time delivering maximum power and dose of UV energy.

GEW UV Curing lamphead family - LeoLED Standard, LeoLED Cassette, E4C, E2C and NUVA2

The leading-edge design of LeoLED brings several new benefits: the 50mm width window gives a long dwell time and is waterproof-sealed for easy cleaning. It is also resilient to dust and ink ingress. The LED array, with electrical power of 88W/cm, emits an impressive intensity of 30W/cm2 and energy dose of 270mJ/cm2 at 100m/min, with minimal light loss due to the direct UV path. Furthermore, the integral water-cooling system gives LeoLED the ultimate operating capability and reliability in its class. The new lamphead is built to GEW’s usual exacting standards, using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, for robust performance and reliability. LeoLED can be manufactured as a cassette up to 170cm, in 25mm increments. Where required, GEW can use more than one lamphead in tandem to cure any width.

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