GEW launches step and repeat UV curing for screen printing

GEW (EC) Limited has announced the development of the VCP step and repeat UV system for web fed, screen printing.  The development permits optimised UV curing of inks and coatings on flat bed, intermittent screen presses.

Step and repeat screen printing presents unique demands on the UV curing process due to the heavy ink lay-down and high opacity inks used. The VCP system address issues such as heat management and over curing on short repeat lengths. The system is driven by GEW’s award winning e-brick power supplies giving users an environmentally friendly system with reduced carbon emissions.

The VCP step and repeat UV curing system reduces power consumption by 30%, due to its efficient and compact electronic power supply and offers high intensity cool UV output from a specially designed cold reflector system. A quartz window is used to further reduce web temperature and this can be quickly removed for inspection, cleaning or replacement.  Infinitely variable, step-less power control together with an adjustable curing aperture eliminates over or under curing on any repeat length and a quick-release cassette assembly is provided to enable fast lamp changes and easy access to the reflector assembly for maintenance. The system is supplied ready for use with the GEW handheld UV radiometer for optimum UV process control.

GEW manufactures UV curing systems for all makes of printing and converting machines including specialised applications and supplies both original equipment manufacturers and upgrades for existing equipment.  Established in 1991, the company has built a strong reputation as a global supplier of UV curing systems in the graphic arts industry.  Based near London, England, GEW manufactures all its products in-house, which are available together with spare parts and after-sales service through satellite offices and its distribution network around the world.