ICE China 2016 Shanghai

GEW’s Specialist UV Division at ICE China in Shanghai

ICE China 2016 will feature GEW’s latest version of its NUVA2 UV curing system for printing and coating applications available in lamp widths up to 2.5m.

NUVA2 UV system at ICE China

The focus of GEW’s presence at ICE China 2016 will be the latest version of its NUVA2 UV curing system for printing and coating applications available in widths up to 2.5m from a single lamp. The NUVA2 is a versatile, fully aircooled UV system for applications in the printing, coating and converting industries. The active aircooling and optically tuned reflectors maximise the lamps curing effect while at the same time reducing heat radiation onto the substrate.

NUVA2 systems can at a later stage easily be upgraded to LED operation (up to 90cm wide) using the same RHINO ArcLED electronic power supply, control panel and cabling.

At ICE China GEW will unveil several important enhancements to their UV systems:

Multipoint UV monitoring

Multipoint in-line UV dose control allows comprehensive monitoring of the UV output during the curing process. It acts as a built-in UV intensity meter and measures the actual intensity across the full width of the lamp with great precision before the wrong dose could have an impact on production. Low intensity which would not adequately cure is thus avoided, as is insufficient output from a degraded lamp. As a result unnecessary downtime is eliminated and production efficiency is accordingly improved.

Inert atmosphere curing

Inert atmosphere curing is an important feature in the production of silicone release liners and direct food contact packaging whereby the curing process takes place under controlled conditions in a sealed nitrogen chamber. New applications in printing, coating and packaging mean that there is an increasing demand for inert atmosphere UV curing to achieve thinner coats, improved curing and increased production speeds at the same or lesser power levels. GEW’s inert atmosphere curing solution can be supplied as an add-on or as a retrofit and comes with an embedded precision oxygen level analyser to ensure process consistency and production efficiency. The nitrogen control panel gives the operator a visual feedback and enables him to accurately control the oxygen level required in the chamber to optimise the curing process.

GEW’s Specialist UV Division offers fully engineered bespoke solutions designed to suit specific applications in new and existing installations.