E4C specialist UV curing system

GEW specialise in custom-built UV curing solutions

GEW’s latest 8-lamp E4C system demonstrates the company’s specialist UV curing capabilities. Each lamp in this custom-built assembly is capable of delivering 200W/cm across its width.

GEW’s expertise in designing and manufacturing bespoke custom-built UV curing solutions has been further demonstrated by this most recent engineering masterpiece. Destined for a lifetime of hard work in a special wide-web application, the four lamp section illustrated is just part of a larger system of eight GEW E4C lampheads, each capable of delivering 200W/cm across their 120cm width.

The four lampheads are mounted in an assembly with a pneumatic slide-back mechanism which enables them to be moved away from the roller as one, to allow easy access for webbing up, inspection and maintenance. The lampheads are mounted around a 500mm diameter water-cooled chill roller, while a tendency motor reduces drag on the web material without the need to synchronise the roller with the mechanical drive of the press.

And finally, each lamphead is fitted with three GEW multi-point UV monitoring (mUVm) sensors, to monitor and record the intensity of each UV lamp, across the width of the web and throughout the production run.

As is the case with all GEW installations, it is all in the detail.

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