GEW Main UK HQ & Production Facility

HALT confirms longevity of GEW LED UV systems

GEW (EC) Limited has made use of HALT (Highly accelerated life test) procedures to further improve the performance and the longevity of its LED UV systems.

The impact of environmental conditions varies with the geographical locations and the climate in which UV systems are installed. In the specialised environmental test chamber at the GEW headquarters in England, LED UV systems are exposed to extreme temperature and humidity profiles and continuously monitored to confirm the performance and reliability of the LED lampheads.

With their proven mercury arc lamp UV technology, GEW have demonstrated that conventional systems can operate efficiently and reliably in a wide range of inhospitable environments. The purpose of the HALT procedures was to conclusively show that in a hybrid set up implementing both arc and LED technologies, even under extreme conditions LED systems also offer the same consistent performance and dependable reliability.

During the test cycle the LED lampheads are operated at ambient temperatures of up to 50°C (122°F) and at up to 95% humidity. HALT proactively tests the life cycle and thereby increase product durability and reliability when operating under the harshest conditions.

Reliability tests and HALT testing of LED arrays carried out at GEW have convincingly indicated a potential service length of over 20,000 hours even in adverse conditions, about seven to ten times longer than that of a conventional mercury-arc lamp with 2,000 to 3,000 hours.

Rob Rae, Technology Development Manager at GEW, explains: “At GEW we believe that the simplest solutions are the best. LEDs are the most straightforward and most effective solution for an increasing a number of curing applications and therefore it is essential that they offer the same level of performance and durability as their conventional mercury arc counterparts.”

GEW customers appreciate the robust and dependable design of GEW LED UV systems and testimonials have shown this is a crucial consideration when making a purchasing decision.