GEW FlexoTech Webinar

How can UV LED benefit flexo printers?

Watch our webinar in association with FlexoTech. The webinar discusses the question: “How can UV LED benefit flexo printers?”

The use of UV LED curing for flexo printers has significantly increased in recent years and the technology is now firmly established within the industry. Many believe its use will soon overtake that of conventional UV curing technology, to eventually become the default solution.

Global rises in energy costs, coupled with a laser focus from brands on sustainability issues, are driving a sharp rise in the adoption of energy-efficient UV LED systems.

Despite this, some still doubt how useful it could be to their business. Our panel explore this topic in an open discussion… GEW’s Jamie Neill is joined by UV LED adopters Shaun Boult of Bizerba Labels (UK) Ltd and Adrian Brown of Olympus Print Group (now part of the All4Labels group). If you are unsure about UV LED, listen to the views of our experienced users to discover why they made the move over this advanced technology.

Topics Covered:

1) how does UV LED benefit flexo printers?

2) which applications is UV LED most appropriate for?

3) what are the costs involved with UV LED and how does it impact energy consumption?

4) what was the installation experience for the printers on the panel?

5) how was production improved after installation?

6) what do the panel see as the pros and cons of UV LED technology?

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If you’re interested in finding out more about GEW’s UV LED options for flexo printers, go to our UV LED product page and find the product that’s right for your business.