ICE USA 2011

GEW will feature its IW1 UV curing system at ICE USA 2011. The UV curing unit is designed to process a wide range of products through the optimisation of reflector geometry, high UV lamp output, electronic e-Brick power supply modules and cool running operation.

In addition to curing printing inks, GEW also offers the IW1 system for other applications including curing of silicon release coatings, UV adhesives, laminates, lacquers and varnishes as well decoration of glass, metal, plastics and textiles.

Coatings and adhesives can be applied through flexography or the gravure or pad processes with the use of UV curing becoming increasingly popular on web widths up to 2000mm wide. GEW’s IW1 UV system has been specially developed with this in mind and can be adapted to machines with a straight web as well as on those using web path rollers. With support engineering by GEW, the IW1 concept can be added to existing machines with a driven chill roller and where needed, in an inert atmosphere curing environment.
“Advising on specialised solutions is one of our strengths says Brian Wenger, head of GEW’s USA operation. “ We recently supplied an IW1 nitrogen-inerted UV curing system to a German customer.  The installation of this specially tailored solution for coating thickness up to 25um was for the development of nanotechnology to create improved coatings using smaller pigment particles. The smaller particles impart superior product qualities such as durability, gloss, scratch resistance and electrical conductivity.”

Of particular benefit to GEW customers is the 32 kW electronic power supply available for the IW1 UV system.  This offers a reduction in power consumption of up to 30% in comparison to transformer driven power supplies in typical use and takes up significantly less floor space. The use of electronics increases UV output and contributes in reducing the impact of carbon emissions on the environment. UV lamp output adjusts seamlessly in relation to substrate speed and the operator is able to monitor UV output via a touch screen interface.

Adds Wenger, “We have supplied the IW1 system for curing coatings on matt PP films for subsequent lamination on carton board and other substrates to provide high gloss and scratch resistance.  A more recent installation was for UV curing of varnish for product wrapping and gift paper to impart a high gloss that cannot usually be achieved using solvent or water based inks. In terms of the growing demand for security applications in packaging and other industries, we worked closely with one customer in the development of a self-adhesive tape solution to provide a secure seal with a means of tracking and tracing products.”

GEW manufactures UV curing systems for all makes of printing and converting machines including specialised applications and supplies both original equipment manufacturers and upgrades for existing equipment.  Established in 1991, the company has built a strong reputation as a global supplier of UV curing systems in the graphic arts industry.  Based near London, England, GEW manufactures all its products in-house, which are available together with spare parts and after-sales service through satellite offices and its distribution network around the world.