Lancastrian Labels complete flexo press GEW UV up-grade

States Chris Nuttall, GEW Sales Manager UK Midlands & North, “Lancastrian Labels informed us of the need to improve the UV Curing capability on their 330 mm (13 inch) Gallus Arsoma flexo press. We used the existing GEW power supply and control units to give a very cost effective up-grade. The six original MD1 lamp heads were replaced with the more efficient VCP design. We also added temperature controllers to the ventilation system for much better heat management.”

The press produces a wide range of labels and flexible products on film, paper and plastic substrates for a wide variety of markets: cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, household products, industrial and health & beauty. The upgrade ensures that the complex and sophisticated labelling styles of the toiletry markets, including the “No Label Look” can be catered for.

According to Ken McDonald, General Manager, “Our objective for this project was to update to more efficient UV curing units and obtain the ability to run filmic substrates at high speeds. We believe this move will open new markets to us and testing is now taking place. The press operators report they appreciate the cartridge system for changing lamps, it is compact and provides better curing of inks and coatings. Because of the existing presence of a GEW UV system on the press, we were aware of its reputation, reliability and the support we would receive from GEW”.

Lancastrian Labels Limited, an independent private limited company, is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of self-adhesive labels and related products. With 42 employees, it has operated since 1983 from its modern 20,000 sq ft factory located in Liverpool and is able to offer a fast turnaround of customer requirements and has an associated company in The Czech Republic.

Adds John Bambery, Managing Director, “We have a dedicated and flexible workforce, with 24 hour seven day working capacity, making the possibility of efficient label production a reality. With the digital age upon us, the company is at the forefront of this exciting new technology. I believe we are a company looking after today and planning for tomorrow.”

During a 10-year period, beginning in 1991, Lancastrian Labels Limited has been awarded 24 prestigious printing awards in both Europe and North America. In addition to an extensive and complete pre-press department, the company operates 6 presses plus a new Konica digital machine capable of producing high quality short run labels. The finishing department utilizes five rewind machines one of which is a turret machine As an example of the company’s capability to meet customer needs, recently a leading high street chain store required a large quantity of printed labels in a very short time for a summer promotion. To meet their customer’s requirements, Lancastrian printed, converted and delivered 24,000,000 labels in five working days.

GEW (EC) Limited is a major supplier of UV curing systems to the international labels and packaging industry; both to end-users and converting equipment manufacturers (OEM). From it headquarters in Redhill, Surrey, UK, the company supplies and services a global customer base and supports a worldwide operation through its North American facility located in Cleveland, Ohio and representation in over 50 countries.