On 2nd December 2013, a truly epic race will begin. Mike Burton, MD of A B Graphic International Limited (ABG), together with his team mate Tom Salt will be participating in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in which teams from across the world will be rowing from La Gomera, Spain to Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua some 2600 nautical miles distant.

Known as the toughest rowing race on earth (unsurprisingly), the pair will alternate the rowing in two-hour shifts, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for between 40 and 90 days before reaching the safe haven of Antigua. This they do in support of their chosen charity, the Generous Hearts Foundation. Their fund raising target is £150,000.

Their 6m long boat named ‘Locura’ (Spanish for ‘madness’) is designed and equipped to tackle the ocean’s toughest conditions and will be stocked with 90 days’ worth of food. Solar panels provide sufficient power to supply the chart plotter, satellite phone, water maker and the stereo.

Since 1991 ABG and GEW have enjoyed a long and special relationship. In fact ABG was GEW’s very first customer. When GEW manufactured it’s 10,000th UV system in 2011, GEW proudly presented it to all the staff at ABG along with gifts of wine. Because of this special relationship, GEW is particularly proud to be a £10,000 Platinum Donor to the heroic rowing team and we wish them every success in this challenging adventure.

Every penny raised will be donated to the ‘Generous Hearts Foundation’ in Romania and none will be directed towards the cost of the challenge. The foundation’s mission is to help the most vulnerable social groups: abandoned children, old people, children and adults with disabilities, but also turns attention to gifted young people in need of financial support. Based on volunteer work, they run a number of centres providing care, protection, support, counselling and accommodation for groups such as children with disabilities, for mothers and children exposed to domestic violence to name but a few.