Polestar chantry boosts production with GEW UV system

States Peter Peace, Press Room Manager at Polestar : “The printing of magazines today has become extremely competitive. We needed to increase the production speed of our press and the existing UV curing system for varnishing had become a limiting factor. The GEW solution has achieved specification and provides superior UV cure.”

States Chris Nuttall, UK Sales Manager at GEW, adds: “In order to meet the production objectives of Polestar, we recommended the addition of two 100 cm long UV lamps to the existing UV system. By adding an additional 40,000 Watt (40 kW) curing capacity, the press was able to operate up to 30% faster than before while maintaining the high level of magazine cover gloss necessary.”

The UV system includes a water-cooled chill roller beneath the UV lamps and web to eliminate potential heat damage to the substrate and an electric lift-off of the UV lamps to facilitate re-webbing and cleaning. Special mounting assemblies were designed for the press in order to provide sufficient strength to support the UV system at maximum press speeds.