Robert Rae outlines GEW's Remote Monitoring Service

Robert Rae outlines the benefit of remote monitoring

GEW’s Remote Monitoring Service enables us to monitor the performance of our customers’ UV systems from afar. In this video, Robert Rae outlines the benefits to our customers of this technology.

Over the past few months, GEW has remained operational at all sites. In complex times like these, GEW’s Remote Monitoring Service has really come into its own by enabling us to support all monitored customer installations remotely, from our global offices.

GEW’s RHINO powered UV systems are supplied, as standard, with the Embedded Service package which allows Remote Monitoring to keep a watchful eye on each system’s running conditions over the internet, allowing our Service Support Team to detect and correct out-of-tolerance parameters before they can develop into a fault. This type of remote preventive maintenance improves customer efficiency, whilst ensuring that our customers can avoid unplanned machine stoppages and continue to operate the entire UV system at peak performance.

Here, GEW’s Managing Director – Sales, Robert Rae, explains the monitoring service in more detail and illustrates how it enables us to not only identify any technical issues from afar; we can also optimise a system’s performance, if necessary.

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