GEW ArcLED hybrid UV curing system

ArcLED hybrid UV: the video

ArcLED enables hybrid, interchangeable UV curing on every print station, allowing the printer to use a combination of arc and LED technology seamlessly on the same press.

An investment now in GEW’s ArcLED hybrid UV curing protects that investment into the future by ensuring an LED upgrade can be simply and cost-effectively implemented. It also gives the possibility to run a fully flexible hybrid curing system.

The advanced characteristic that gives the user the ability of fast and easy switching is a special feature of the ArcLED UV system, a technology that GEW is the only manufacturer to implement today.

ArcLED is an industry first, switching seamlessly on the same press with the same RHINO power supply from DC power for the LEDs to high voltage AC for the arc lamps. RHINO ArcLED is extremely energy efficient showing considerable energy savings when compared to conventional electronic power supplies.

The new ArcLED UV system is the first truly futureproof technology for upgradeability and easy swapping of arc lamp and LED UV systems.

GEW has released a new video to illustrate how label printers can benefit from ArcLED hybrid UV systems.
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