L to R Timo Donato from Mark Andy and Phillip Hitpaß from System Print.

System Print harness the power of LeoLED for PSA label production

System Print GmbH are a specialised label converter in Germany. They recently retrofitted their Mark Andy P Series with a GEW LeoLED system. We discuss this retrofit with System Print’s General Manager, Phillip Hitpaß.

In the world of label conversion, System Print GmbH stands out as a specialised label converter known for its dedication to innovation and efficiency. System Print are based in Hamminkeln, Germany and the company has worked with GEW since 2011. They currently utilise a variety of GEW’s UV curing lamps across their presses, from VCP systems, to E2C systems and now LeoLED.

To gain an insight into how GEW systems have impacted their operations, we spoke with Phillip Hitpaß, the General Manager at System Print. He was involved in procuring the latest installation from GEW, a state-of-the-art LeoLED curing system which has optimised their technical capabilities and their environmental footprint.

The interview:

Can you tell us more about System Print?
Phillip Hitpaß (PH):
“System Print, as a label converter, specialises in Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) roll labels. We have a commitment to delivering high-quality labels efficiently, which has been a key driver of our success.

L to R Timo Donato from Mark Andy and Phillip Hitpaß from System Print.
L to R Timo Donato from Mark Andy and Phillip Hitpaß from System Print.

“We were initially founded in 1991 by my father Josef Hitpaß, but label production didn’t begin at the company until 1999. It wasn’t until 2010 that we installed our first UV-Flexo printing press, although we had relocated to a new 6,000m2 production facility in Dingden in 2005, a site that was doubled in size in 2021. I joined the company in 2017.”

What is System Print’s history with GEW?
“System Print’s journey with GEW began in 2011 when we installed our first GEW UV system. In 2020, we upgraded our Mark Andy P Series press to an industry-standard GEW E2C arc system. Then, in 2023, we took another significant step by installing LeoLED on the 8-lamp press. We have also installed LeoLED on new presses that we’ve purchased. However, we do still operate with GEW arc systems, having a mix of VCP and E2C systems where they are needed.”

What applications is LeoLED being used for?
“LeoLED is primarily utilised for PSA roll labels and monofilms. We have a lot of delamination and relamination applications including adhesive printing, and LeoLED makes this process much more efficient.”

LeoLED is used by System Print in the printing of PSA labels and monofilms.
LeoLED is used by System Print in the printing of PSA labels and monofilms.

What benefits has the GEW system brought to your business?
“From a technical perspective, using LeoLED has helped us to maintain a more stable temperature throughout the curing process. The substrate itself is less exposed to temperature, which is especially useful during delamination / relamination applications. Further, we now have shorter press downtime, as the LeoLED starting and cooling phases are much faster.

“From a commercial perspective, we generated massive savings in energy costs in comparison to the former mercury lamps on this press. In addition, we decreased our carbon footprint immensely. Switching to LED curing was part of a bigger project to lower energy consumption and carbon footprint, such as installing solar panels on the roof of the production facility, to produce greener energy.

“However, we do still use arc lamps on the press on occasion, alongside the LeoLEDs we now have. This ArcLED technology is something we find very useful, allowing us to mix and match between arc and LED depending on the printing application we’re dealing with. This gives us flexibility on this press that we didn’t previously have. The lamps are quick to change too, for our press operators, so we really can maximise the hybrid nature of our press.”

System Print began installing GEW's LeoLED UV curing systems in 2023.
System Print began installing GEW’s LeoLED UV curing systems in 2023.

What can you do now, that you could not do before you had the GEW UV system?
“The GEW UV system has opened doors to new possibilities. Prior to its installation, running thin films or delam / relam applications came with the constant concern of substrate damage due to heat exposure. With the GEW system, this concern has been eliminated. System Print can now carry out these tasks with confidence, knowing that our substrates are protected.”

What would you say to anyone considering purchasing a GEW system?
“Put simply, there is no chance that you will be disappointed. It brings the efficiencies of LED along with the cost savings when compared to a mercury arc system. Furthermore, the ArcLED hybrid technology offered by GEW gives the flexibility needed to print across multiple applications as printers see fit, with the technology so easily interchangeable.

“However, we’ve also been impressed with the GEW team. We’ve been working with them for over a decade now and they have always been helpful with any technical issues, and supportive in offering any advice whenever we have needed it. I can’t recommend the organisation enough.”


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