Gary Doman Interview at Printing United 2023 with WhaTheyThink Magazine

The state of the commercial print market, with Gary Doman

Gary Doman, GEW’s International Sales Manager for Sheetfed, discusses the current state of the commercial printing market with WhatTheyThink magazine at Printing United.

At Printing United, GEW’s International Sales Manager for Sheetfed, Gary Doman, was interviewed by WhatTheyThink magazine about the state of the commercial printing market. Gary touches on the main growth points within the industry, as well as discussing how GEW’s UV curing solutions offer a viable option for offset printers.

You can watch the video or read the transcript from Gary’s interview below.

Interviewer: What solutions do GEW offer to this market?
“Well I mean we offer UV, traditional hot UV, and we’ve always offered the LED UV solution for sheetfed, but I think the way that we work with our integration, it’s unique in the way that we put these things together for customers, the way that we design them in, so they always look like factory, but actually, as well we build in volume so we’re a good economic solution as well, not just a high performance but I think economically we sit quite comfortably with customers.”

Interviewer: What is the current state of the commercial printing market?
“Obviously the industrial commercial printing market is growing. I think that’s beginning to accelerate interestingly and on the packaging side, the packaging industrial market where those customers are using traditional hot UV, there is now, I’m seeing, a real trend towards changing to LED UV. I mean, purely for energy reduction, but that’s something we are definitely starting to see more of. We saw it last year coming, but this year more.”

Interviewer: Do GEW offer arc UV technology?
“Customers can, if they want, choose to go with an arc system but mix it up with an LED solution as well so they can swap between LED and UV, and if they want to start with UV but change and switch up to LED in the future, they can do that, and ArcLED actually enables that.”

Interviewer: Why do you think you have the best solution for sheetfed printers?

Gary: “Really, I think it’s probably the simplest, most cost-effective solution currently on the market, but that’s a really nice solution. So to get more information about our products and our solutions you can make contact with GMH UV, which is our North American sheetfed distributor, or go to our website the normal way and you can pick us up, and we’ll get straight on to you and help you out.”

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