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Amherst Label upgrades UV system for speed and reliability

Amherst Label Inc. of Milford, New Hampshire, has upgraded an existing Nilpeter printing press with a GEW UV curing system to boost speed and overall efficiency.

In May 2011, Amherst Label installed a state-of-the-art Nilpeter FG3300, eight-colour, all servo driven press with water-cooled substrate cooling. The new equipment provided advanced capabilities for printing unsupported films (flexible packaging), six UV ink curing stations, cold foil applications and quick changeover sleeve technology. However, very soon the UV system was causing concern with lack of curing at speed, reliability issues and maintenance downtime.

In January 2015, Amherst eventually decided to retrofit to a GEW UV system instead, comprising eight E2C high efficiency lampheads. The decision, in favour of the GEW UV system, was due to their proven high performance technologies.

Scott Vander-Heyden, VP of Manufacturing at Amherst Label, explains: “We had experienced insufficient curing at medium to higher speeds, as well as unnecessary downtime due to UV system failures. As a matter of fact, we were on the verge of losing business from some of our customers. We knew we had to correct this issue. Only GEW was able to offer a package of efficiency, reliability and safe curing at high speeds.”

In addition the new GEW UV system, based on the E2C unit, brings further benefits of fast burn-in and shut-down times with savings in electricity consumption. “We are able to cure at half the power,” Vander-Heyden adds and concludes: “We are thrilled with the GEW system. We are now experiencing increased up time, increased run speeds, overall efficiencies have improved and most importantly, our customers are happy.”

Amherst Label is a family-owned and operated custom label printer. Founded in 1978 by Nicholas Calvetti, Sr., the company continues to be owned and managed by his son Nicholas, Jr., since 1981. Sixteen years ago, Nick was joined by his daughter, Angela Calvetti Horner, and her husband, Nye Hornor. From the beginning Amherst Label has been recognized for providing superior product label printing services and their reputation is built on quality and excellence of service.

The company is based in Milford, New Hampshire, and their product range includes innovative flexible packaging and labelling solutions using digital printing, flexographic printing and screenprinting technologies. Amherst Label has received numerous awards for their achievements and most recently the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce named Amherst Label  “Business of the Year for 2014”.

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