GEW Specialist UV-Division

GEW creates new Specialist UV division

GEW (EC) Limited announces the launch of their new GEW Specialist UV (SUV) division. The new division will be dedicated to developing and marketing specialist industrial UV curing installations for the coating and converting industry. It is a strategic response to the growing need of businesses using UV technology in areas as diverse as substrate coating and wood printing.

Within GEW the team is managed by David Lyus, Sales Manager Digital and Industrial, assisted by his support staff recruited over the past twelve months, to spearhead the commercial side of the new division.

The group works under the leadership of Malcolm Rae, Managing Director of GEW, and is supported by a specialised team of engineers. The specialist UV systems division will oversee the design and technical development of the products targeted for an industry sector handling wider web applications and can count on the expertise and 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of arc lamp and LED UV systems for the narrow web and label market.

Their mission will not only be to manage the new unit’s business development in established areas, but also to explore new openings in the fast growing industrial market.

The SUV division will market specialist UV curing systems directly and through selected OEM partners, providing full pre-sales technical support for operators to determine exact specifications and full integration into larger systems.

“Over the past months, I have been focusing on how we can take our business to the next level of growth, whilst continuing to give our customers the full benefit of our engineering expertise,” explains Malcolm Rae.

“We are in the business of delivering advanced solutions to our industry partners and as a part of this, the new SUV division will increase our ability to pass state of the art technology with substantial benefits on to our customers.”

Rae concludes, “The new SUV division is a very important step for us as we continue with our efforts in going into new markets. With David at the wheel, who has worked with GEW for over ten years, we have a team that, like the rest of our staff, is dedicated to bringing our international customers solutions that will make a difference.”

To learn more about GEW’s specialist UV applications and the products that we use to meet the demand in this market, go here.