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Breathing new life into older machines, with LeoLED systems

In one of the largest LED upgrade programs that GEW has undertaken to date, we are upgrading five Gidue web presses with new LeoLED UV systems at German label specialists ATB Etiketten.

GEW are delighted to be working with label printing specialists ATB Etiketten in Germany, on one of the largest LED upgrade programs that we have undertaken to date. ATB have invested in upgrading five of their presses with new GEW LeoLED UV curing systems, totalling 48 LED lampheads in all.

The Gidue Combat 370 presses have run reliably for years and continue to do so. Rather than replace them, ATB have decided to upgrade the tired old UV systems to LED, bringing new efficiencies, increased technical capabilities and much faster production speeds.

ATB with tired old IST curing systems before change
One of the five Gidue Combat 370 presses at ATB, prior to its upgrade

ATB with their brilliant new LeoLED systems
The first of the presses with its new LeoLED curing system

With LeoLED, GEW has fundamentally changed the economics of LED, by offering printers an LED option at almost half the cost of its earlier models. Furthermore, LeoLED delivers a 35% higher dose, and 40% higher intensity at over 30W/cm2. It operates on GEW’s ArcLED hybrid platform and uses the same power supply as mercury arc systems, making an upgrade to LED an affordable reality.

LeoLED also brings considerable environmental benefits. The higher electrical efficiency of LEDs, combined with instant on/off switching, typically allows energy savings of over 50% when compared to a new UV arc system. Older arc systems are less efficient still, in some cases the difference can be greater than 80%.

LED produces no ozone, and the need for mercury is eliminated. Less heat is generated by LEDs, which means that less cooling is required on the press and in the factory. The faster curing speed also means that more work can be produced on less machines, when compared to arc systems. Finally, GEW’s ArcLED technology means that older GEW power systems can continue in use for LED upgrades, reducing carbon footprint.

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