Demonstration of GEW's LED technology

Demonstrating our new LED sample swatch

GEW’s International Sales Manager for Sheetfed, Gary Doman, illustrates the impressive results of GEW’s LED technology.

GEW’s new sheetfed LED sample swatch includes a range of printed samples which have been chosen to show off the impressive results that can be achieved with a GEW LED curing system.

Here GEW’s International Sales Manager for Sheetfed, Gary Doman, talks through the swatch and outlines the processes used for each sample. We have used mirror board, PET, recycled stock and opaque white ink among other things, all of which can be problematic for traditional offset printers.

We have retrofitted UV LED curing systems to a wide range of press types all around the world, including Heidelberg, RMGT, Ryobi, Komori, Shinohara, Manroland and Mitsubishi. Many customers have already discovered how an LED curing system can transform a press and introduce a wide range of benefits:

Faster turnaround

Instant ink drying enables immediate finishing and despatch of jobs. Sheets can be folded, cut, bound and processed right away, reducing work-in-progress and significantly shortening lead-times.

Print without limitations

UV LED inks enable printing on almost all stock types including PE, PET, PU, synthetic paper etc. and bring added value and increased product diversity with coated and uncoated papers, plastics and foil laminated sheets.

Unlike UV lamps, LEDs emit little infrared heat towards the substrate. This avoids common issues such as high pile temperatures, curling of heat-sensitive materials and loss of moisture in paper.

Ultimate productivity and peace of mind

No moving parts for low maintenance and no warm-up/cool-down mean less UV-related downtime, which increases press productivity. Furthermore, GEW offers up to 3 years LED warranty, irrespective of running hours.

Reduced energy consumption

LED instant on-off means that no energy is consumed when the press is idle. The higher electrical efficiency of LEDs and the purity of UV output allow typical energy savings of over 70%, compared to H-UV or IR lamp systems.

No marking, no sealer or spray powder

UV LED inks and varnishes are 100% cured instantly after the LED lamp. Marking of sheets in the delivery or perfecting process is eliminated and machine varnish or sealer is no longer necessary. No spray powder is required, removing widespread contamination and associated cleaning and maintenance.

Sharper dots and vibrant colours

GEW’s LEDs achieve sharper dots, more vibrant colours and a higher quality finished product.

Turnkey solutions

GEW deliver a complete integrated UV curing solution. Along with lampheads, cooling equipment, power supply and user control systems, GEW provides custom designed mounting and shielding for a seamless integration on your press.

For further information on GEW UV LED curing for sheetfed presses, go here

If you would like to order an LED sample swatch, please contact our marketing team

With thanks to Martin One Source, USA, and Bergman Media, Netherlands, for their assistance in producing these swatches.