Blue yellow charity day at GEW

Fundraising for Ukraine

A variety of fundraising activities have recently taken place at GEW. All monies raised will go towards humanitarian support to meet the needs of people fleeing Ukraine.

Updated 31.03.2022: Fundraising initiatives have begun at GEW’s head office in Crawley, with the aim of generating donations towards the humanitarian relief that is urgently needed in Ukraine.

Earlier this week we held a staff raffle for the prize of a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which had been kindly donated by a supplier. GEW staff could buy a ticket for £5 and in no time at all the prize draw had raised a fantastic total of £225!

GEW's staff bouquet raffle raised £225 towards humanitarian support for the Ukrainian people.
GEW’s staff bouquet raffle raised £225 towards humanitarian support for the Ukrainian people.

All donations raised will offer humanitarian support to meet the immediate needs of people fleeing Ukraine by providing food, water, medical assistance etc.

A thank you letter will be sent to the supplier donor, and further fundraising initiatives are planned in the very near future… updates will follow.

There are many ways you can help, such as through the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC):

…..Update 31.03.2022…..

GEW continued their recent fundraising support for the humanitarian relief needed in the Ukraine via three further internal charity events. The events consisted of the following:

  • A raffle which raised £525; the winner enjoyed an orchid, a variety of Belgian chocolates and a bottle of champagne.
  • A blue and yellow day, where staff dressed up and made donations in support of the Ukrainian people. The amount raised was £172.28.
  • A cake sale day, which raised a further £168.11 for the cause.

Further to these valuable fundraising efforts by our staff, GEW has added a further £10,000 contribution to the fund.