DEC Ukraine, GEW donates £10,000

GEW supports the DEC’s Ukraine appeal

GEW donates £10,000 to humanitarian aid charity supporting those affected by the war in Ukraine

When the Ukraine conflict began in February 2022, life was thrown into disarray for many in the region. With the war showing no sign of ending, charities around the world have flooded to the aid of Ukrainian refugees who are at the centre of the world’s fastest growing displacement crisis since World War II. The Disasters Emergency Committee, or DEC, are one such charity supporting the region. With at least 15.7 million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance and over 14 million having fled their homes since the crisis began, charities such as the DEC are doing all they can to support these people.

Disasters Emergency Committee

The DEC and their 15 member charities provide a number of services to displaced people, providing essential items like food, water and shelter for families, as well as medical support such as incubators for babies in hospitals. DEC charities are also supporting vital protection work to ensure vulnerable people are kept safe and helping them settle into their new lives. Unfortunately, many of the older people or those with disabilities have been unable to leave their homes, often finding themselves isolated without access to food and basic necessities. The destruction of critical infrastructure such as health facilities, schools and water supplies is only worsening the situation within the region.

Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine appeal

GEW has recently aided this critical humanitarian work by donating £10,000 to the DEC. The charity, alongside similar relief-focused charities, aim to raise as much as £2.25 billion for Ukraine itself, and a further £1.85 billion for the surrounding countries who are also significantly affected by the conflict, such as Poland, Romania, Hungary and Moldova where many of the displaced refugees have fled. To read more about the DEC and their Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, or to find out how you can donate, please visit the DEC website:

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