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Jennifer Heathcote discusses UV curing for converters

Jennifer’s presentation covers a broad range of topics, from what UV curing is and the sources of UV curing, to the markets where it is relevant, and much more.

Converters Expo took place in August 2021 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Jennifer Heathcote, GEW’s Business Development Manager, gave those in attendance an educational session about UV curing and the benefits it brings to converters. The topics covered include:

  • what UV curing is and how it works;
  • the markets where it is relevant with a specific focus on converting applications;
  • why manufacturers choose UV curing;
  • the types of UV curing sources;
  • the science behind UV curing sources; and,
  • how UV curing systems are integrated into the larger process.

You can watch Jennifer’s educational session here: