Source: GEW (EC) Limited

KC Print operate entirely as a trade printer, serving resellers across Ireland. Margins are tight and there is an ever-increasing demand for faster job turnaround times, particularly in online print, which is a fast-growing area of their business. KC have to be highly competitive and to offer super-fast deliveries, to stay ahead of the pack.

The management team at KC had known for some time about LED UV technology and what it might do to give their business a competitive edge. However, they were resolute in researching it thoroughly and ensuring due diligence, before committing to the investment in LED UV. They had originally considered HUV as an option, but after research this was quickly discounted due to its excessive power consumption.

Established in 1973 as a small jobbing company and publishing house, KC Print has now grown to become established as one of the leading trade printers in Ireland. Their 30,000sq.ft facility near Killarney operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Having operated with an LED UV curing system on their Ryobi press for over a year now, in this video they offer their views on what it has done for the business.

KC have seen a steady rise in demand for uncoated work and LED UV has helped them greatly in this area, by enabling them to turn around uncoated jobs in the same time as coated or digital work. As Richard Coady, Operations Manager at KC says: “With LED UV we can print, finish and ship a heavy coverage bond job in the same day.”

KC have also been highly impressed with the quality of the results they can achieve with LED UV and report that many clients are now specifically requesting that their jobs are printed LED. As Richard Coady concludes: “It enables you to push the boundaries… you can up the line screen and put more definition on the sheet, because it comes off the press instantly dry.”

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