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Kansas-based Phenix Label are power-users of GEW mercury arc and LED UV systems, with 44 lampheads operating on five of their presses. Phenix use ArcLED hybrid curing systems to get the best from both technologies, enabling them to optimise production efficiency and to reduce electricity and material costs. GEW have also revitalised Phenix’s 15-year old Aquaflex press with a full LED UV curing system retrofit, upgrading it to keep pace with ever more demanding production deadlines.

With 140 employees and a facility of 80,000 square feet, Phenix run production 24 hours a day. Around 60% of their work is related to food and food products, so they are highly experienced in working with low migration LED inks for food labelling.

Todd Fatino is Vice President of Innovation at Phenix Label. In this short video, he discusses his experience of working with both mercury arc and LED UV curing systems on a variety of flexo presses, over many years.

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