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Spotlight on UV LED curing for sheetfed offset

Why should you retrofit your offset press with a UV LED curing system? This customer case study video, filmed at C & D Print Media in London, gives some of the answers.

In this two minute video, C & D Print outline their experience of using a GEW UV LED curing system which has been retrofitted to their Heidelberg SM 74 press. For those considering UV LED as an option for sheetfed offset print, the video addresses many of the common questions about working with LED.

Watch here:

Transform your offset press with UV LED. In the words of Charlie Anderson at C & D, ‘it’s one of those things where you’ll wonder how you got along without it.’

LeoLED Standard is our latest UV LED technology that’s perfectly suited to sheetfed offset applications. You can find detailed information here, including contact details for our sheetfed sales team:

GEW UV systems are available as a retrofit on all offset printing presses and GEW has over 30 years’ experience engineering UV curing systems. We have a large engineering and design team who are trained extensively to ensure seamless integration with all sheetfed offset printing presses, such as HeidelbergKomoriKBAManrolandRMGT etc.

In situations where GEW has not previously retrofitted to a specific make or model, we use precision laser scanning technology to custom design your integration, ensuring seamless installation to your press. To find out more about our turnkey solutions and the meticulous retrofit process we follow, visit our sheetfed offset page:

If you still have unanswered questions and are unsure about whether UV LED is right for your business, you may like to see more of our sheetfed customer case studies. Each one addresses a variety of common print problems that can be resolved with UV LED. View more here.